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Headache Away Oil

Essential Oil Headache 20 drops Peppermint essential oil 17 drops Eucalyptus (globulus) essential oil 15 drops Cajeput essential oil 10 drops Rosemary essential oil 10 drops Lavender essential oil 5 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil (optional) Start with an empty 5mL essential oil bottle. you could use a 5mL roll on bottle. FYI (5mL= 1 … Continue reading Headache Away Oil


HERBAL SALVES, OINTMENTS AND BALMS Salves, Ointments and Balms Whats the difference? Among the herbal community, it seems that some view these terms as interchangeable while others distinguish between them. The big difference seems to be the consistency and aromatic qualities. Here’s my view: Balm – a balm is a mixture of herbal infused oils, … Continue reading HERBAL SALVES, OINTMENTS AND BALMS